Ms. Quinones became interested in Immigration Law while in Law School and has developed a love for Immigration Law.  We believe that America is a land of opportunity and that everyone in the United States is a descendant of someone who immigrated to the United States to provide a better life for their family.  We would like to make the American Dream a reality for our clients and strive to achieve that result within the confines of the Immigration Laws.

At this time we provide primarily family based immigration services such as:

  • Petitions for Alien Relative, wherein our clients obtain permanent residency (Green Cards);
  • Naturalization (Citizenship);
  • Deferred Action;
  • Applications for Victims of Domestic Violence;
  • Other applications involving receipt of permanent residency

Since Immigration Law is federal law, we can provide legal services in all 50 states  Most of the immigration work is based upon written petitions, applications, briefs and memoranda and do not always involve an interview or hearing.  In case an interview or hearing is required we will represent you in that matter.